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Psychology Report Writing Made Easy

The world’s most comprehensive report generator for psychologists, by psychologists.
Save yourself time and money, while reducing errors.

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PsychWriter's goal is to standardize tests administered across different scales to help formulate a diagnosis and recommendation with fewer errors, faster, and more efficiently.


Use our interactive report writer to generate your report quickly

PsychWriter enables you to writer automatically classify subtests and style your comprehensive reports with no hassle.

3300+ patient reports generated, which has saved thousands of hours of time.

126 + supported behavioral and cognitive tests, including robust survey forms

100% accuracy of classifications with different standards and publishers.


Our friendly team will help you with anything

We aim to take care of you. Need help with installation, find a bug, or just need a clarification about using the software?
We'll be there to lend a helping hand.

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  • Daniel C. Miller, Ph.D.

    Founder of KIDS, Inc.

  • Drew Swaka

    CTO / Security Officer


    Customize your report

    We aim to make reports customizable.
    Export a report in Spanish that includes confidence intervals but exclude qualitative behaviors? We can handle that.
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    PsychWriter supports test and all forms from the top publishers

    Our mission is to help you reduce errors and save time writing reports, in order to quickly and efficiently produce a diagnosis with proper recommendation.

    Riverside Insights
    PAR Inc
    ProED Inc
    Academic Therapy Publications


    Simple pricing

    $50 / user

    14 Day Free Trial.
    Unlimited software updates.
    Plus technical support.

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  • Everything your team could need.

    We make sure to include the most up-to-date psychology tests that an office or district could possibly need.
    Start saving time and money today!

    Get your dream report writing assistant without the hassle.

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