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At our core, we're a team of pioneering psychologists and accomplished academic researchers, driven by a shared passion for the field of School Psychology. Our unwavering commitment to data security and compliance is embedded in everything we do, ensuring that our users receive only the highest level of protection for their patients' information.

Our focus is dedicated to helping school psychologists work smarter, not harder. We understand the challenges that come with report writing, data management, and ensuring accuracy in your work.

That's why we've created a solution that will help you streamline your work, reduce errors, and ultimately save time. Our goal is to help you focus on what matters most: providing the best care possible to your students. With PsychWriterPro, you can trust that you're getting a reliable and effective tool to help you succeed.

About PsychWriter

Welcome to PsychWriter Pro™ - the ultimate solution for automated report generation in neuropsychology. Our software has been designed to efficiently organize the elements of a school/pediatric neuropsychological report into a conceptual framework, making report writing more efficient and effective.

Our software offers a unique advantage by providing greater opportunity for the assessment specialist to focus on writing a report about the student's individual performance on an evaluation, rather than describing the tests that were administered or spending lots of time organizing test data.

The Report Model

PsychWriter Pro™ streamlines the report writing process by including all typical report sections: reason for referral, detailed background information, observations, test results, diagnostic conclusions, and recommendations. We offer customized data entry screens for commonly used pediatric intelligence, achievement, and neuropsychological tests, and behavioral rating scales.

Our software groups test scores into neuropsychological constructs, such as sensorimotor functions, executive functions, learning and memory, according to Miller's Integrated SNP/CHC Model, offering a comprehensive understanding of cognitive abilities.

Our Team

As psychologists and researchers in the field, we are here to help you succeed.
Daniel C. Miller, Ph.D.
Founder of KIDS, Inc.
Drew Swaka
CTO / Security Officer

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Our goal is to help you focus on what matters most: providing the best care possible to your students.
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