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126+ Tests

PsychWriter supports over 126 tests and counting from the top publishers, including support for rater forms!

Narrative Manager

Ability to save your own narrative templates for each skill. Then insert them into any patient report to help write narratives faster.

Score Validation

PsychWriter will help you reduce errors by ensuring the data you enter is valid for each subtest, based on standard and age.

Score Classification

PsychWriter will automatically classify scores and indexes across different standards to help with the report writing process.

Automated Confidence Intervals

The days of endless lookup tables are over. PsychWriter will automatically generate Intervals.

Report Customization

Customize the generated report. Decide the colors, report format (full, tables only, or narratives only) and much more.

Report Formats

Export your report as a PDF or Word Doc in many formats: Full Report, Tables Only, Narratives Only, or add an appendix!

Patient Management

Manage your patients, their contact information, test data, reports, background information, narratives, and more.

Graph Creation

For certain tests, graphs can automatically be generated based on age and gender norms comparisons.

Survey Management

Handle all your surveys from your raters with ease. Send links to your raters for automatic data entry!

Team Management

Handle your team and licenses with ease through our team management settings


Writing becomes hassle-free using our text-to-speech capability to help write your narratives.

Examiner Logs

Keep track of who administered each tests and on what day using PsychWriter examiner logs.

Audit Logs

PsychWriter keeps track of all modification to patient profiles to help you audit changes to a patient

Data Security

All patient data is stored in an encrypted database and only users on your team will have access.


Use our test selection tool to help you choose the best test to help diagnose your patient.

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