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    Frequently asked questions

    How many licenses do I get?

    For each "team member" that you add to your account, you will be charged an additional subscription fee each month or year.

    Do you offer a trial?

    Yes. Currently, we offer a 14-day free trial of the software. After the trial is over, you will start being charged for the software.

    When can I cancel my plan?

    We try our best to ensure you are satisfied with our product. If it has not met your needs, you can cancel your plan anytime!

    Can I change plans later on?

    Yes. To change your plan, you will need to contact us at [email protected], so we can assist you in switching your plan.

    Is this a subscription service?

    Yes. PsychWriterPro bills on a monthly or yearly cycle. Through this, you will receive constant updates to the software right away with no hassle.

    Can I transfer my account?

    Yes. Each subscription has an "owner" who is able to handle billing, team management, and transfer ownership to a different team member.

    Why PsychWriterPro?

    As experts in the field, we understand the pain points of report writing and aim to make it hassle and error free!

    Ability to automatically classify, table and graph data across many tests and standards into one comprehensive report.

    Data Security

    PsychWriterPro was created with data security as a core focus. All patient data is stored encrypted with audit logging measures in place.


    Our top-notch support team is here to help you with any issues, and we are always open to suggestions such as what test's you need added!

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